Houston Online Classes: Spring Session End May 9. Summer Classes and Camps Online!

Our Spring 2021 online program ends May 9, and you can still sign up. You can purchase online classes here.

This website is dedicated to our in-person Panda Chess Academy located in Houston, TX.

For details about our online program, please visit www.pandachessacademy.com 


We have offered chess classes and/or tournaments every day, since we went virtual in early March. 

Before the pandemic, we have offered in-person chess classes and tournaments (nearly 800 USCF Tournaments) for 15 years, at our 9900 Westpark location.


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Recent News! Become a Chess Puzzle Guru and ChessBase for classroom instruction articles

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ChessBase just published an article about me called Become a Chess Puzzle Guru. It's exciting, because this website reaches over 100,000 people per day. Also my 2 year old makes an appearance. 



Panda Chess Academy was recently featured on the front page of ChessBase's Chess News, reaching 100,000 visitors per day. Click here to read.

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See more at our Online Store: https://squareup.com/store/chesspanda

For details about our Online Class, click here. 


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